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About StackRef

Simplifying Internal Hackathon Management
Why we're here

StackRef aims to simplify the process of planning, organizing, and running an internal hackathon. Founded in 2022, the company recognized the challenges that businesses face when it comes to hosting hackathons, especially with the rise in remote workers. Many companies struggle with the logistics of organizing such events, including the organization of participants and teams, the management of resources, and the evaluation and scoring of projects.

StackRef was created to provide an innovative and streamlined solution to these challenges, while maintaining a fun, gamified experience for all participants involved. With a team of experienced professionals and cutting-edge technology, the company offers a comprehensive suite of tools and services to make hosting an internal hackathon simple and fun.

What we do

Think of StackRef as an internal "hackathon in a box."

StackRef's platform includes a user-friendly dashboard that allows organizers to easily manage participant registration, project submission, and judging. The platform also provides a range of resources, including AWS sandboxes for teams, automated code security and complexity scoring, and collaboration features to ensure that participants have everything they need to succeed.

StackRef is both an official ("ref" for your formations ("stack" and an enabler for making winning projects an actionable reality.

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